Single, discouraged and lacking faith?

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Valentine’s seems to be one of the few seasons where you suddenly become aware of your relationship status. For some, single or in a relationship, it ‘s an enjoyable period. For other’s it can feel overwhelming, lonely and disheartening. This is the group of people I am speaking to today. Not to make you feel stupid but to love on you, encourage you and hopefully set your heart back to peace again. In this post I will be asking you a series of questions and I want you to deeply think, consider and meditate on them. Most importantly I want you to be truthful to yourself regarding the answers. It’s when you are honest to yourself, even when it’s ugly, that you can pursue truth.

1. Do you compare yourself with others?

thief-of-joy_1024x1024“Comparison is the thief of joy” is a saying that I believe holds a lot of weight. What comparison will make you do is diminish all the amazing things that are happening in your life and covet something that another individual has. Continue reading “Single, discouraged and lacking faith?”

Don’t compromise this Valentine’s


So Valentine’s is coming up and the advertisements are all around to let us know. I myself was bombarded by Valentine’s day when I went into my local Tesco to buy some hot chocolate. I went to the aisle where I normally find it and that’s when I realised that the whole of the opposite aisle had been turned into an aisle for Valentine’s. Afterwards, I found myself thinking about Valentine’s with complete peace regarding my singleness.

Sometimes, we forget that we have improved in an area until we’re confronted with that which would have previously bothered us. I remember thinking “Huh? I’m in peace, I used to struggle with this”. I was surprised by my hopeful expectancy regarding my future season whilst being content with my present one. I remember in 2011 Valentine’s, I based my whole entire identity on having a Valentine. I thought I had made it in life and I remember basing my worth and value from that. Little did I know that I was a broken girl Continue reading “Don’t compromise this Valentine’s”

One year of My Heart’s Cry!



Today is the 2nd of February 2017. Do you all know what that means??? It has officially been a year since I started My Heart’s Cry !! *whoop whoop*

I know for someone else, one year might not be anything and in the grand scheme of things, it isn’t much. However for me, it’s a testament of the faithfulness and sustaining power of God! When I first started, I really was fearful. I felt like I had to be perfect before I could start anything like this. God really had to show me that He can continue to mend and encourage me simultaneously whilst He uses me to mend and encourage others. That’s what makes my heart just melt… God is so faithful.

Continue reading “One year of My Heart’s Cry!”