My name is Della, I’m a Christian and I became saved when I was fifteen. Coming into Christ young was and still is a blessing but it has equally been a roller-coaster. I have learnt a lot but also experienced pain. Thankfully what the enemy meant for harm God has used for good as these experiences allow me to encourage people from a place of empathy.

Through My Hearts Cry I desire to wear my heart on my sleeve. God has and is still healing me but I still know what it feels like to be utterly broken. To feel like I’m holding my broken pieces together and failing miserably. I know what it feels like to feel like I’m losing my mind. For reality to become like a dream and for my nightmares to feel like reality. Through this blog I want to share my experiences and encourage others whatever they have experienced to rise up once again, in wholeness and newness of life!

I am also passionate about Christians from this place of wholeness walking in everything that is God. Identity, presence, peace, joy, glory and kingdom. This is how Jesus is made famous but this all stems from wholeness. How well can a wounded soldier stand? So besides topics on healing and restoration I will also be write posts on other bible topics that God lays on my heart.

Ultimately I desire to be an avenue of hope and restoration.

This is what fuels my soul.

This is My Heart’s Cry. 

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